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4 Years and A Day Foundation

338 McIntyre Court Wentzville, MO 63385

4 Years and a Day is a foundation focused on providing support and service through bringing awareness about Breast Cancer. We are elated that you are visiting us and we hope to provide you with greater insight about our passion and mission.  

It was through our painful experience of watching our mothers battle for their lives, that we drew on strength from each other. We researched and combed through articles to find a greater understanding of what the disease is and what makes it tick. The insight we gained enlightened us and we in turn would like to channel our energies and focus on sharing this with all of you. In the event you are faced with making life-altering choices, you have options and more than anything...You Have Hope!

It is because of our faith and hope that we stand here today in an effort to uplift many who are going through or have gone through similar experiences. We truly believe that we were placed on this earth for a higher calling and we are simply taking a "leap" into our new found existence.

Please join us as we sojourn through our new undertaking. We solicit your prayers and warm thoughts as we attempt to save lives through educating and empowering individuals both old and young, Black and White, male and female. Breast cancer does not discriminate. It attempts to destroy whatever or whoever is in its path.

Together we can fight, together we will win!

Many Blessings,

Michelle Grimes-Harding, President

We hope to see you again!

In the meantime follow us on social media.