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4 Years and A Day Foundation

338 McIntyre Court Wentzville, MO 63385


Company Message

About Us

Our Mission:

4 Years and A Day is a Foundation that focuses on Breast Cancer Awareness and the support of its victims. Our organization is based on the belief that through education and providing options for health and total healing; individuals will empower their minds, bodies and spirits. We are committed to meeting those needs and sharing the details of our experiences. 

Our Story

Our foundation was created after the passing of our beloved mothers, Lee E. Grimes and Patricia A. Bailey. Both women were diagnosed with breast cancer and their paths toward healing and recovery were strikingly similar. So much so that the timespan between their passing was exactly 4 Years and 1 Day apart from each other. It is through their experience and love that we tell our story of our journey with all of you. Because of our mothers' experience, we too are "victims" and our mission is to educate and support others in their fight.

More than anything, we hope that sharing the story of our journey will inspire and uplift all of you to join our efforts and become more aware. With this in mind, we hope to spare more lives in the next 4 Years and 1 Day.

Why We Are Different

We are the voices of those who have felt powerless while watching loved ones become victimized by breast cancer. Our vantage point is different in that we cared and supported those we loved in their fight. It is through that experience that we have researched and educated ourselves about viable options to healing and recovery. We wish to support those who are battling for their lives as an extra reinforcement in the war against breast cancer.

What We Do

We currently offer the following services:

Counseling and Education Services

For patients, their spouses and families. Counseling and Education services include but are not limited to:

  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Grief Counseling
  • Coping Counseling for patients, their spouses and families

Support Services

  • Chaplain Services
  • Support Groups-Survivors, Grief Support, Current Patients
  • "Hold-A-Hand"-Service for victims who is battling alone or with limited support. We offer to accompany those while under going treatment and "hold their hands" through the process.
  • Gift cards for patients to visit local grocery stores (Special thanks to Kroger Foods, Inc.
  • Access to food banks through donations (Faithworks Fellowship Food Pantry)

We plan on launching additional services and community efforts by

June, 2018. 

These services will include:

  • Community gardens throughout the Metro St. Louis, MO Area which will focus on the importance of nutrition and diet
  • Transportation services to and from treatment facilities and counseling
  • Social media services such as a mobile app with reminder alerts for self exams and a YouTube Channel focused educational updates about breast cancer

More than anything, we want to empower you to do something besides worry and feel powerless!!

Feel free to write us or fill out the Contact Us form provided on this website. Our information can be found below:

Office Address:

4660 Maryland Avenue

Suite 260-A

Saint Louis, MO 63108